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Dream for Redmond

A Duet of Performances | August 20 & 27, 2015
Two nights of mythic, participatory spectacle – for contemplation, celebration, and renewal of public spirit.

I. Prelude to a Moon: Mediation of the Stag
Thursday, August 20, 2015
An evening for music and contemplation

In Redmond’s Heron Rookery, a great Stag of the Moon sat at a grand piano in the heart of an illuminated labyrinth. Beneath an immense floating chandelier, this virtuosic creature serenaded audiences with nocturnes, waltzes, and sonatas. Prelude to a Moon offered audience space take a contemplative journey. A space for remembrance.

Featuring the Moon Stag, Matt Goodrich, pianist.

II. Lullaby for Rookery
Thursday, August 27, 2015
An evening for magic, dance and celebration

Revelers of all ages from Redmond and beyond joined the celestial menagerie of Lullaby Moon in the primordial Evergreen rite. The night culminated in a Full Moon Ball with live waltz orchestra.

Lucia Neare’s work is supported by an Impact Award from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation.

Dream for Redmond

Recipe for Love II

May 3, 2015 | Great Lawn, City Hall, Redmond

Recipe for Love II called all of Redmond to celebrate the wedding of the Queen Bee and her learned Gentlemouse, Professor Pomme. The free, two-hour performance featured such interactive delights as a Cake Library (to which hundreds of community members brought cakes to share), the Promenade of the Golden Eggs, high-spirited games (such as Bowl-A-Gnome and Layer Cake Croquet), impromptu audience weddings (just until midnight!), and the pièce de résistance, the Grand Dance of the May Pole. Audience members danced the afternoon away to the dreamy melodies of the live 1920s dance orchestra at this surreal springtime jamboree.

Lucia Neare’s work is supported by an Impact Award from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation.

Recipe for Love II

Suite for Redmond, A Season of Wonders

Recipe for Love | May 2014 | Redmond, WA
Professor Pomme’s Practically Paradoxical Petite Pastry Parade | July 2014 | Redmond, WA
Nocturne for Rookery | August 2014 | Redmond, WA

Recipe for Love  Professor Pomme's Practically Paradoxical Petite Pastry Parade  Nocturne for Rookery

The emerging city of Redmond, Washington is a nexus for so much of the planet’s technology industry. One quarter of its 55,000 residents are foreign born and three of every ten households speak a language other than English at home. Despite this wondrous multiculturalism, these various communities have had too few opportunities to truly connect. As Redmond’s inaugural artist-in-residence, I worked with the city to address this issue. The yearlong 2014 cycle, Suite for Redmond, A Season of Wonders, created an ephemeral commons in which the area’s diverse communities met and celebrated. The work fostered unlikely social bonds – and a renewed sense of place – based on once-in-a-lifetime shared experiences in the heart of this burgeoning city. The 2014 cycle of works included:

Recipe for Love: This large-scale work engaged Redmond’s downtown core, and included such participatory hijinks as the Promenade of the Golden Eggs (an interactive “braided” parade, in which revelers followed five 10’ Golden Eggs through interconnecting streets), a Cake Library (in which hundreds of audience members brought cakes from all cultures to share inside City Hall), and a Maypole dance in a relentless rainstorm. Audience members of all ages and ethnicities kicked up their water-soaked heels and danced about the Maypole with the Rabbits of Spring in this free performance.

Professor Pomme’s Practically Paradoxical Petite Pastry Parade enlivened Redmond’s annual Derby Days celebration in July 2014.

Nocturne for Rookery: At twilight on August 21st, audiences joined a lantern processional from the Night Market into a grove of noble Douglas Firs where the great blue heron once nested. Menageries of luminous Grandmother Owls, Alchemist Cats and Moon-Drunk Rabbits wove a primordial evergreen rite. Nocturne for Rookery celebrated and inaugurated the Heron Rookery as Redmond’s newest public space. The work reminded a thousand audience members of the innate, enduring majesty of these regal trees — and the urgency of preserving "something of the wild” in a rapidly growing urban community.

There’s No Place Like Home

Fall 2012 | Seattle, WA

There's No Place Like Home was a spirited citywide folly celebrating home and stewardship of place. The six-week journey began in October 2012, when a 13-foot-tall blue Victorian house—accompanied by a family of singing bears and a merriment of Gnomes—took to the streets of Seattle for a series of adventures. The season of happy revelry culminated at twilight on December 8, 2012, just in time for winter hibernation.

Through joy and whimsy, There’s No Place Like Home explored values of stewardship, nurturance, and care for home and planet. Migrating across Seattle’s highways, byways, and bridges, the work warmly reminded audiences of the importance of tending to what we all need most. Home.

There's No Place Like Home was commissioned and inspired by Community Power Works and Seattle City Light, with support from the Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs.

There's No Place Like Home

Professor Pomme’s Pomp and Pastry Paradoxicals I, II, & III

Summer & Fall 2012 | Redmond, WA

Professor Pomme   

Infused with a spirit of joy and plenty, Professor Pomme’s Pomp and Pastry Paradoxicals invited audience members of all ages to revel in an alchemical confection of apple lore and homespun delights, reminiscent of an old-time country fair. The work was performed in a new public park that was formerly the site of an auto-body shop and strip mall. Professor Pomme's Pomp and Pastry Paradoxicals was intended to create a momentary sense of Center in the suburbs, modeling imaginative culture and reviving beauty amid suburban sprawl while offering opportunities for deep play, connection, and celebration.

Professor Pomme's Pomp and Pastry Paradoxicals was supported by 4Culture. The work was presented by City of Redmond Arts.

Lullaby Moon

Lullaby Moon I-XIII | 2008-2009 | Seattle, WA
Lullaby Moon 2010 | Seattle, WA
Lullaby for Dottie Harper Park | 2011 | Burien, WA

Lullaby Moon I-XIII  Lullaby Moon 2010  Lullaby for Dottie Harper Park

Lullaby Moon was a year-long invitation to Seattle to explore a world of dream. A celebration of the night sky, the series of performances brought bedtime whimsy and wonder to parks and other public spaces throughout the city, enlivening and enlightening the dark time of each month. At twilight on each new moon, celestial characters illuminated parks and public spaces, inviting all into an evening revel. Lullaby Moon playfully engaged, inspired, and soothed, while celebrating the connection we all share under the heavens. Performances took place on each new moon for an entire lunar year beginning in October 2008.

By public behest, Lullaby Moon returned to Seattle in September 2010 for a single night of celestial whimsy. In 2011, the company created a special Lullaby Moon to celebrate Burien’s hidden gem, Dottie Harper Park. Our performance was intended to reconnect the community with this overlooked park by highlighting its sacred beauty and noble trees.

Lullaby Moon was supported by 4Culture, Artist Trust, Seattle Parks and Recreation, the Mayor's Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs, Bullivant Houser Bailey, Burien Arts Commission, and the wonderful generosity of private donors.

Ooo La La! A May Day Spectacular

May 1 2008 | Harbor Steps in Downtown Seattle, WA

Ooo La La   

Ooo La La! A May Day Spectacular transformed Downtown Seattle into a grand corridor of whimsy on May 1, 2008, drawing thousands into a world of sweet elegance. The performance was unabashedly celebratory and included a cast of more than 200. People from all backgrounds were invited to let go of the mundane and pass through the veil of the imagination into a world of delight. The work grew out of a question: What might happen if we infuse downtown Seattle with love, even for just a couple of hours?

Ooo La La was supported by 4Culture’s Site-Specific, GGLO, and SAFECO.

Lullaby Carriage

October 2006 | Duvall, WA & Vashon, WA

Lullaby Carriage was a free outdoor mobile interdisciplinary performance celebrating the night. Inspired by the mythology of the night sky, this Wonder offered audience members passage in giant horse-drawn canopy beds through an illuminated land of dreams. The performance cultivated welcoming and friendly experiences of nighttime and darkness in the public sphere, while creating the opportunity for audiences to revel in the expansive beauty of the Pacific Northwest in autumn.

Lullaby Carriage was a study for our year-long cycle, Lullaby Moon.

Lullaby Carriage

Thank you to all our participating artists!