A Hundred Years from Today

September 2018
Redmond, WA

A Hundred Years from Today was a public blessing for Redmond's new Downtown Park to last the ages. The work combined rich spectacle and interactive elements with community participation to highlight the park’s 21st-Century design and to consecrate and celebrate the site as Redmond’s true urban center. There were parades! A live orchestra! A 44-foot Caterpillar named Caterina Pillarina (who floated above the crowds and had special words for the Mayor)! A potluck pie picnic! Mice playing badminton! Hijinks! A Butterfly Blessing to celebrate the metamorphosis of this once-upon-a-time used auto-parts store into the new civic heart of Redmond. Audiences were free to wander the site – and experience the performance – following their own timing, whim, and curiosities. A Hundred Years from Today invited all to experience this new urban park as a place for Everyone.

Your evening was pure delight. I was a child again, all evening. We came home happier than we’ve been in ages!



Creative Collaborators: Lucia Neare, Rhonda Sable, Dwight Beckmeyer, Dean Paton, Melanie White, Christopher Mael, Omar Ramos, Annette Mateo, Karen Lewis, Ned Beebe, Toby Hansen, Saunatina Sanchez, Gary Cannon, Guy Caridi, Jessica Jobaris, Justice Beitzel, Robin Campbell, Lorraine Lau, Mark Haim, Beth Brock, Cheri Rudolph, Betsy Baeskins, Erin Gabriel, Matt Goodrich, Winfield Hobbs, Diane Magasich, Sue Dunagan, Caitlyn Pozerski, Chris Dimnoff

Musicians: Dwight Beckmeyer, Eric Likkel, Holly Eckert-Lewis, Tom Dziekonski, Rich Eckert, Dean Paton, Dina Blade, Keith Lowe, Al Keith, Nathan Vetter, Toby Hansen

Performers: PROFESSOR POMME: David Bestock; QUEEN AMBROSIA: Lee Ann Hittenberger; CATERINA PILLARINA: Mandy Rose; SWEETHEART MICE: Robin Campbell, Nasim Simmons, Lisa Swihart, Drew Santoro, Justice Beitzel, Lorraine Lau, Hendri Walujo, Kari Tai; BEARS: Winfield Hobbs, Dana Cole, Laura Spostato, Rosalie Clymer, Shoshanna Scott, Mackie Burgess-Dennis; CAKES: Marilyn Young, Jordan Colvard, Ciara McCormack, Stella Kutz; CLOVER BAKERS: Guy Caridi, Lara Lockwood, Ali Vice, Amanda Radcliff, Chanda Ziegler, Annalise Ritter, Carolyn Mull; RABBITS; Christian Swenson, Whitney Lawless, Naomi Russell; LOLLYGAGGERS: Rosa Vissers, Kristianne Huntsberger, Kristina Dillard, Sharon O'Brien, Lauren Brazell, Eliana Harrick; CATERINA PUPPETEERS: Annett Mateo, Rachel Jackson, Adriana Morales Wyly Astley, Kate Cunningham, Kristie Maxim QUEEN'S ASSISTANTS: Kaitlin Ziehr, Jodi Fleischman; Lisa Loomis and the Eastside Drama Kids; BUBBLE BUG: John Harmeling

Baker Choir: Gary Cannon (conductor); Besty Baeskens, Achil Obenza, Elizabeth Riggs, Dawn Fosse Cook, Erin Gabriel, Robert Wade, Zachary Howard, Kathea Yarnell, Kathy Truher, Heather Arnold, Debra DeFotis, Dennis DeFotis ,Gail Erickson, Marla Baldinelli, Heather Irwin, Amy Korver, Cami Woodruff, David Almond, Lorraine Burdick, Adam Burdick, Julie Eriksen, Rebecca Worrich, Kelli Hart, Karen Van Lier, Michelle Lund, Kevin Wyatt-Stone, John La Fond, Jane Rohrer, Ann Marten, Tommie Zabrowski, Doug Wyatt, Holly Allin, Cliff Watson, Dustin Kaspar

It was perfect in every way: joyous, beautiful, fun in an old-fashioned pre-digit way. Just perfectly done.