Dream for Redmond I & II

August 2015
Redmond, WA


I. Prelude to a Moon: Meditation of the Stag
August 20, 2015

In Redmond’s Heron Rookery, at the center of the wood, the Great Stag of the Moon sat at his grand piano in the heart of an illuminated labyrinth. Beneath an immense floating chandelier, this virtuosic creature serenaded audiences with nocturnes, barcaroles, and sonatas. Gentle woodland creatures invited audiences to walk the labyrinth, drawing them ever closer to the mesmerizing music-making Stag.

The floor of the Heron Rookery was covered with blankets, and the evening was peppered with surprises and participatory offerings by ensembles of Gnomes, Mice, and Bears. Audiences were invited to wander in and out as they pleased—and to dream away the evening in this grove of contemplative delights.

This participatory evening of music and contemplation featured pieces by Beethoven, Liszt, Scriabin, Debussy, Dvorák, Grieg, and other composer luminaries. Prelude to a Moon: Meditation of the Stag offered audiences of all ages and spiritual beliefs the time and space to embark on a reflective journey. Audiences lingered long inside this temporal urban cathedral—to find refuge and sanctuary in contemplation, remembrance, and gentleness.

Prelude to a Moon featured Matt Goodrich, pianist and music director of Lucia Neare’s Theatrical Wonders.

A beautiful evening. So many people, so much peacefulness.

II. Lullaby for Rookery
August 27, 2015

An evening for magic, dance and celebration.

Lullaby for Rookery was a mythic, participatory spectacle intended to deepen Redmond’s public spirit. Audiences joined in free waltz lessons and a Twilight Processional through dreamlike installations along Redmond’s trails, in parks, and on waterways. Inside the Heron Rookery, revelers of all ages joined Neare’s celestial menageries in an arboreal rite. The night culminated in a Full Moon Ball with live waltz orchestra. The acres-wide work addressed the notion of public blessing and how we treat each other in civic space.

Dream for Redmond was commissioned by the City of Redmond. Lucia Neare’s work was supported by an Impact Award from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation.

I found the atmosphere wonderful with music and floating light and the scent of roses. It was perfect for reflection and thoughts of those I love and have lost. Thank you for creating such beautiful spaces.



Creative Collaborators: Lucia Neare, Kyle Spens, Rhonda Sable, Katie McKellar, David Hartig, Christopher Mael, Ned Beebe, John Small, Dean Paton, Matt Goodrich, Dwight Beckmeyer, Ruby Wishnietsky, Guy Caridi, Karen Lewis, Deborah Skorstad, Annett Mateo, Winfield Hobbs, Mark Heim, Justice Beitzel, Kathryn Padberg, Lorraine Lau, Hether Morgan, Karn Junkinsmith, Jens Wazel, Sue Dunagan, Diane Magasich, Lisa Utter, Chris Dimoff, Toby Hansen, Beth Brock, Josh Van Natta, Rob Harrison, Jennifer Wensrich, Paulette Buse, Saunatina Sanchez, Bob Venezia, TJ Hansen, Sheena Jewell, Cait Wyler, Marshall Butler, Michael Ingersoll

Musicians: Dwight Beckmeyer, Cary Black, Brandon Vance, Eric Likkel, Cary Black, Steve Mostovoy, Dean Paton, Rich Eckert, Lucia Neare, Karen Bentley Pollick, Toby Hansen, Sarah Bassingthwaighte, John Dimond, Herb Hamilton

Performers: THE MOON STAG: Matt Goodrich, pianist; SWEETHEART MICE: Justice Beitzel, Robin Campbell, Lorraine Lau, Parlin Shields, Nasim Simons, Hendri Walujo; BEARS: Winfield Hobbs, Emma Houston, Kaitlin Ziehr, Lucia Neare; GNOMES: Guy Caridi, Wallis Cole, Esme DeCoster, Kristina Dillard, Jenny Gerber, Dara Lilis, Fumi Murakami, Peyton McKenny, Kaylyn Ready, Mykalena Sheldon, Gayle Staker-Neary; AMBASSADORS: Kristianne Huntsberger, Joan Kelley, Sharionus Minimus, Cathy Madden; SLEEPYHEADS: Lara Lockwood, Kaylyn Ready, Leslie Mouton, Amanda Radcliff, Ali Vice, Lauren Brazell, Chanda Ziegler; BABY SLEEPYHEADS: Chloe, Olivia, Rachel; AMBASSADORS: Guy Caridi, Winfield Hobbs, Joan Kelley, Sharonious Minimus; CLOCK FAMILY: Matt Aguayo, Jenny Gerber, LeeAnn Hittenberger, Ciara McCormack, Alyssa Wheeler; MOON-DRUNK RABBITS: Justice Beitzel, Dara Lilis, Kaitlin Ziehr; GRANDMOTHER OWLS: Kari Morehouse, Fumi Murakami, Becky Standsall; ALCHEMIST CATS: Jordan Colvard, Esme DeCoster, Kaitlin McCarthy, Hendri Walujo; HORSE MOTHERS: Robin Campbell, Lorraine Lau, Nasim Simons, Lisa Swihart; SWAN QUEEN: Lucia Neare; ROLLERBLADING AMBASSADORS: Joe Walker, Cara Bowman, Gregory Bowman, Samantha Spencer, Dominic Spencer, Lucy Spencer, Ned Beebe, Lyra Beebe, Alania Mayer, Hailey Meyer, Benjamin Middleton, Megan Helmer

An evening of incredible beauty.