Lullaby Carriage

October 2006
Duvall and Vashon, WA

Lullaby Carriage was a mobile interdisciplinary performance that offered audience members passage in giant horse-drawn canopy beds through an illuminated land of dreams. This interactive work also featured star-gazing beds for audience members to climb into, storytelling based on night-sky mythologies, and a choir of snorers. A live classical music ensemble wove nocturnes and lullabies through the evening. Each three-hour performance cultivated favorable experiences of nighttime and darkness in public spaces, creating the opportunity for audiences to revel in the expansive beauty of the Pacific Northwest at night.

Lullaby Carriage was a study for our year-long cycle, Lullaby Moon. The work was commissioned by 4Culture, the Site-Specific Performance Network, and the cities of Duvall and Vashon, Washington.

So peaceful. So beautiful. So needed.



Creative Collaborators: Lucia Neare, Cathy Madden, Matt Goodrich, David Verkade, John Small, Paul Murphy, John Erskine, Christopher Overstreet, Rob D’Arc, Jennifer Nicole McArthur, Patrick Rogers, Rusty Oliver, Karen Lewis

Musicians: Matt Goodrich, André Goodrich, Rich Eckert, Susan Leslie, Lucia Neare

Performers: Lynne Compton, Mikano Fukaya, Llysa Holland, Lucia Neare, Samantha Rund, Jennie Shea, Candace Stephens, Joe Feeney, Leon Mattigosh, Brandon Petty, Sam Tsubota, Abby Enson, Monica Gilliam, Aiko Kinoshita, Shoko Zama, Vaiva Palunas, Laurel Paxton, Simon Neale, Vanessa DeWolf, Manny Eckert, Karen Lewis, Linda Kovonovich, Elenka Jarolimek, Neris Palunas, Wayne Buckner, Marcy Anderson

I was transported into another world: the horses, the stories, the lullabies, the mist that overtook us all. It’s been a long time since art successfully transported me into another level of consciousness. Thank you all.