Lullaby Moon 2010

September 2010
Seattle, WA

By public behest, Lullaby Moon returned to Seattle in the fall of 2010 for a single night of celestial celebration. The evening featured an ensemble of 88 performers, as well as a marching band of sleepyheads, two tug boats, a 42' schooner, a 68' sternwheeler, and 108 “star boats,” which together created a new constellation of 108 stars over Seattle’s Lake Union.

The evening culminated with the arrival of the Swan Queen’s flotilla: a three-story-tall Swan, followed by five eight-foot-tall baby swans.

Lullaby Moon 2010 was a successful experiment in which Lucia Neare’s Theatrical Wonders activated the heart of the city with mammoth-scale mythic imagery; operated large set-pieces of unusual size and shape on the lake at night while maintaining precision theatrical timing; and collaborated and coordinated with numerous civic agencies, boating organizations, harbor police, nautical fabricators, and a marine crane company.

Approximately 5,000 people attended this performance. Many thousands more experienced the work from boats, dwellings, and highways around Lake Union.

Lullaby Moon 2010 was supported by 4Culture, the Site-Specific Performance Network, the City of Seattle Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs, Seattle Parks and Recreation, and the generosity of private donors.

Best thing that ever happened to Seattle!



Creative Collaborators: Lucia Neare, Matt Goodrich, John Small, David Verkade, Stacey Hansen, Mark Haim, Guy Caridi, Jessica Jobaris, Karn Junkinsmith, Cathy Madden, Olivier Wevers, Josh Van Natta, Damian Amrhein, Derek Potts, Apple Clawson, Jake Beatty, Ruth Baugh, Barbara Fugate, Rob D’Arc, Ruth Baugh, Omar Ramos, Beth Brock, Paul Murphy

Musicians: Matt Goodrich, Holly Eckert, Rich Eckert, Thomasa Eckert, Toby Hansen, André Goodrich, Jill Jaques, Brian Wharton, Dennis Staskowski, Scott McPherson, Larry Leggett, Buddy Mahoney, Claude Ginsburg, Irene Mitri, Greg Powers, Terry Wergeland, Paul Anastasio, T Rudy Harper, Jim Knodle, Danny Sullivan, Kimberly Wester, Lucia Neare

Performers: Whitney Lawless, Naomi Russell, Jens Wazel, Julia Beers, Christine Longé, Gabby Bruya, Robin Campbell, Shellie Gravitt, Rosa Vissers, Liz Cortez, Sruti Arun Desai, Jennifer Peterson, Hendri Walujo, Lila Hurwitz, Kathryn Padberg, Jenna Bean Veatch, Christian Swenson, Lee Ann Hittenberger, Craig Sheiber, Abigail Taylor, Lynne Compton, Winfield Hobbs, Justice Beitzel, Guy Caridi, Esme DeCoster, Keziah Eckert, Parlin Shields, Barret Withington, Gina Coffman, Cody Strauss, Lucia Neare, Joan Jankowski, Cathy Madden, Buddy Mahoney, Lott Martin, Dean Paton, Rich Hawkins, Gloria Boehm-Yu, Sophia Schloss, Kristianne Huntsberger, Victoria Jacobs, Annie McGhee, Nasim Simmons, Lilah Steece, Kari Morehouse, Deirdre Africa, Victoria Gersh, Kaveri Hurwitz, Heidi Korndorffer, David Roby, Bryan Thomas, Kepler Swanson, Teresa Horton, Charlotte Newman, Becky Peterson, Annette Toutonghi, Jeanne Lee, Barbara Fugate, David Ruggiero, Annie Hewlett, Edan Gehman, Annelih G. Holganza, Katie Kovacich, Lott Martin, Heike Lehmann, Prim Santoro, Sarah Mercer, Uraina Nagy Linda Kokanovich, Jodi Fleischman, Wallis Cole, Isabel Lang, Anna Leipertz, Ariana Marvin, Peyton McKenny, Allie Perrow, Syringa Rose, Mykalena Sheldon, Malia Bowly, Caprice Abowitt, Kristy Burd, Tiffany Brezak, Kim Lavoie, Christin Lusk, Anh Nguyen, Sarah Oates, Clara Scudder-Davis, Beth Wade, Danny Berg, Evan Feen, Julie Haack, Anna Kalen, Taffy Kehrwald, Wen Marcoux, Linda Wilson, Irene Mitri, JS Parker, Tracy Patton, Annette Romano, Judy Allvin, Paul Bullard, Sean Donovan, Mary Edanshaw, Phyllis Mansfield, Phil McBride, Bob Nyberg, Pat Prentice, Janet Raynor, Rosa Radding, Bonnie Thomas, Bruce Wolcott

Oh, my, children that view this may believe that anything is possible