Recipe for Love

May 2014
Redmond, WA

The emerging city of Redmond, Washington, is a nexus for so much of the planet’s technology industry. One quarter of its 60,000 residents are foreign born, and three of every ten households speak a language other than English at home. Despite this wondrous multiculturalism, Redmond’s residents have had too few opportunities to truly connect with each other. As artist-in-residence, Neare worked with the city to address this issue: She helped its leadership realize that ongoing participatory, celebratory performance was its most powerful means to inspire social engagement.

In collaboration with the city, Neare’s company created three years of free performances in Redmond, each designed to engage and connect the growing population. These works modeled populist creativity and cultural generosity, addressing civic isolation as they proffered art and celebration as civic priorities. In short, Neare’s work in Redmond repositioned public art from a nice-to-have amenity to a must-have public service whose champions now include the mayor and the city council.

This free springtime performance enlivened Redmond’s downtown core with participatory hijinks such as the Promenade of the Golden Eggs (an interactive “braided” parade with revelers following five 10' Golden Eggs through interconnecting streets), a Cake Library (in which hundreds of audience members brought cakes from all cultures to share), and a Maypole dance that took place in a relentless rainstorm. Audience members of all ages kicked up their water-soaked heels and danced about the Maypole with the Rabbits of Spring.

Recipe for Love engaged Redmond’s residents throughout the development and production process: Community members volunteered over 10,000 hours.

Recipe for Love was commissioned by the City of Redmond. Lucia Neare’s work was supported by an Impact Award from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation.

A rare opportunity indeed to frolic with friends and strangers.



Creative Collaborators: Lucia Neare, John Small, Holly Eckert, Guy Caridi, Jessica Jobaris, Mark Haim, Justice Beitzel, Cathy Madden, Dean Paton, Jan Wallace, Christopher Mael, Ned Beebe, Karen Lewis, Dwight Beckmeyer, Sarah Hartley, Christina Halverson, Toby Hansen, Karn Junkinsmith, Pookie Dimoff, Candace Frank, Kristianne Hunstsburger, Katie Kovacich, Winfield Hobbs, Lisa Utter, Josh Van Natta, Diane Magasich, Darcy Thompson

Musicians: Holly Eckert, Brandon Vance, Bill Branvold, Eric Likkel, Cary Black, Steve Mostovoy, Carey Rayburn, Toby Hansen, Dean Paton, Thomasa Eckert, Dwight Beckmeyer, Rich Eckert, Mai-Li Pittard, Jill Jaques, André Goodrich, David Bestock, Buddy Mahoney, Kristen Hurst, Lucia Neare, Greg Williamson, Jenny Ziefel, Jim Knodle, Nelson Bell, Greg Campbell, Marc Smason, Bill Jones

Performers: David Bestock, Lynne Compton, Abby Best, Virginia Coffman, Kristianne Huntsburger, Amy Mayes, Kaitlyn Ziehr, Helen Bates, Justice Beitzel, Robin Campbell, Lorraine Lau, Christine Longe, Hendri Waljulo, Matt Aguayo, Kristina Dillard, Kari Morehouse, Becky Stansail, Marilyn Young, Whitney Lawless, Naomi Russell, Jens Wazel, Iris Hansen, Emma Houston, Meha Saha, Guy Caridi, Winfield Hobbs, Esme DeCoster, Parlin Shields, Lara Lockwood, Kaylyn Ready, Rachel Ferguson, Jordan Colvard, Jenny Gerber, Wendy Samuels, Leigh Sugar, Calie Swedberg, Lucia Tucker, Julia Beers, Rosemary Carrol, Lisa Swihart, Fumi Murakami, Jessica Solberg, Nancy Fry, Katelynn Braga, Suzanne Hansen, Rebeka Hoopengarner, Diana Sorus, Lori Stein, Kristen Hurst, Kari Lerum, Rico Fierro, Julie Hoopengarner, T Bragdon Shields, Janet Lange, Andy McCone, Kyle Green, Harley Brown, Jan Wallace, Ryan Chu, Cali Kopczick. Adria Olson, Marjorie Manwaring, Kathryn Padberg, Dara Lillis, Mark Smith and the Eastside Drama Kids, Jane Wither, David Black, Marlene Benguelt, Pat Prentice, Pam Hallanger, Nancy Fry, Carolyn Dillman, Ruth Offen, Wendy Colgan, Lisa SInger, Susan Campbell, Silver Miller, Oceana Angels, Larry Sinnot, Jonathon Keith, Jennifer Keith, Georgia Turkovich, Ronnie Thomas, Bonnie Thomas, Mary Lou Harris, Tatiana Kaminsky, Jonathon Mault, Cheryl Smothers. Karen Albrecht, Karen Ludwig, Martin Barker, Robin Randels, Greg Robel, Patricia Kunze, Debbie Smith, Rick Strait, T. Gina Nakamura, Chin Zimonyi, Paul Bullard, Cheryl Davidson, Roberta Zook, Rod Zook, Sarah Parnell, Dennis McCabe, Katie Anderson, Karin Strand, Julie Conklin, Michael Shepherd, Michael Grady, Skye Hansen, Ronna Dansky, Karen Tennyson, Bruce Lowe, Karen Waddell, Mark Busch, Angie Modelski, Amy Gest, Alan Johnson, Molly Smith, Isabel Lin, Cherylanne Collier, Suzanne Giradot, Mike LaMothe, Kate Cunningham, Deborah Lindal, Susanna Chung, Deanna Whetsell, Georgia Turkovich, Cheryl Davidson, Rod Zook, Ronna Dansky, Karen Ludwig, Stephane Boss, Eva Moon, Alonda Williams, Latha Sambamurthy, the Leavitt Family, Stephane Boss, Jane Wither

Incredible!! It was like a dream! Fantastic!!