Recipe for Love II

May 3, 2015
Great Lawn, City Hall, Redmond

Recipe for Love II called all of Redmond to attend the wedding celebration of the Queen Bee and her learned Gentlemouse, Professor Pomme. The free, two-hour performance featured interactive delights such as a Cake Library (to which hundreds of community members brought cakes to share), the Promenade of the Golden Eggs, high-spirited games (such as Bowl-A-Gnome and Layer Cake Croquet), impromptu audience weddings, and the pièce de résistance: the Grand Dance of the May Pole. Thousands of audience members danced the afternoon away to the dreamy melodies of the live 1920s dance orchestra at this surreal springtime jamboree

Recipe for Love II was commissioned by the City of Redmond. Lucia Neare’s work was supported by an Impact Award from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation.

Nothing short of amazing!



Creative Collaborators: Lucia Neare, Adam Michard, Paulette Buse, Dean Paton, Christopher Mael, Katie McKellar, Ned Beebe, Guy Caridi, Jessica Jobaris, Mark Haim, Justice Beitzel, Cathy Madden, Karen Lewis, Toby Hansen, Candace Frank, Annett Mateo, Toby Hanson, Winfield Hobbs, Lisa Utter, Diane Magasich, Darcy Thompson, Sue Dunegan, Jens Wazel

Musicians: MAINSTAGE MUSICIANS: Tom Dziekonski, Cary Black, Steve Mostovoy, Carey Rayburn, Toby Hansen, Dean Paton, Eric Likkel. Bill Branvoid, Brandon Vance, Dina Blade. Thomasa Eckert, Lucia Neare; PROMENADE BRASS ENSEMBLES: Greg Williamson, Jenny Ziefel, Jim Knodle, Nelson Bell, Greg Campbell, Marc Smason, Bill Jones

Performers: PROFESSOR POMME: David Bestock; QUEEN AMBROSIA: Lynne Compton; RABBIT RAZZLEBERRY: Christian Swensen; MONSIEUR OBSCURA: Paul Philion; SWEETHEART MICE: Christine Longe, Justice Beitzel, Robin Campbell, Lorraine Lau, Hendri Walujo, Nasim Simmons; CAKES: Matt Aguayo, Kristina Dillard, Kari Morehouse, Christl Marcontell, Lisa Swihart; BABY BEES: Iris Hansen, Meha Saha, Chloe Charles, Lena Wolfe, Olivia Swihart; BEARS: Winfield Hobbs, Kaitlyn Ziehr, Emma Houston, Leslie Mouton, Gina Coffman, Arthur Mouton, Serena Mouton; GNOMES: Gayle Staker-Neary, Guy Caridi, Kenneth Telesco, Heather Persinger, Lisa Loomis, Mark Siano, Tom Spangenberg, Aiden Raingarten; RABBITS: Naomi Russell; ROSE BAKERS: Esme DeCoster, Parlin Shields, Lara Lockwood, Fumi Murakami, Kaylyn Ready, Lucia Tucker, Katelynn Braga, Suzanne Hansen, Lynn Amira; SWING BAKERS: Ali Vice, Amanda Radcliff, Angelina Corona, Don Morgan, Ellen Kaspi, Greg Robel, Irene Pasternack, Jane Wither, Martin Baker, Patricia Kunze, Phyllis Mansfield, Robin Randels, Sandee Noreen, Sue Donagan, Todd Natshuhara; EGG CAPTAINS: T Bragdon Shields, Janet Lange, Ned Beebe, Lyra Beebe, Sarah Beebe, Lisa Utter; MODEL T GNOMES: Walt Berdan, Bob Allen, Jerry Wrolstad, Ray Moore and the Model T Club of Puget Sound

It was grand. We had a 3-year-old in tow; she loved the show! And so did we. The musicians, dancers, actors, and artists who put this together really have something special to share.